dennis the menacefancy nancy splendiferous xmas
Everyone knows a menace
somewhere – Now, read about
the greatest menace ever!
Presents with elegant wrapping paper,
festive decorations, Christmas cookies
with sprinkles – and who could forget the
tree?  After all there is no such thing as
too much tinsel!  This year Fancy Nancy is
especially excited about decorating the
Christmas tree.  But when things don’t
turn out the way Nancy planned, will
Christmas still be splendiferous?
cv_the_best-behaved_bearcatch us if you can can
Tim is going to star in his aunty’s
wedding.  His family is flying to an
island with a beach and coconut trees!
But Tim is worried.  Toby must come
too. Squish, squash, squeeze.
Oh no!  Toby won’t fit in Tim’s bag.
The utterly charming Foxy DuBois and the
dastardly Alphonso the Alligator put on their
dancing shoes to commit the crime of the
century!  But when they hit the dance floor, things
start to go terribly wrong . . .
perky and the possum trapspb_perky_and_his_chicks
A delightful rhyming story about friendship.A delightful rhyming story about family.