Mr Mac aka Doug the Digger

visit with room 8 and 9

Mr Mac grew up in Whangarei and enjoys living in Northland.  He shared some childhood stories and growing up – he didn’t apply himself at school and found school really hard.

He used to like going to work with his dad.

Later in life he had an accident with his hand which made him choose a different career.  It made him face his fears of reading and writing because he wanted to write a book for children.

He shared with us that it important being at school and that learning is important!

Thank you Mr Mac for sharing your drawings with us.  They show your ideas and your writing.  You shared with us the process of writing: making a plan, sharing ideas, brainstorming, working together.  You told us you put a date on your work so you know when you drew your ideas / pictures.  We do too!