Have a read… It sounds like we had a fabulous holiday filled with lots of fun adventures!


Titles for our holiday stories.

Whanau you are our audience.

Today we shared our holiday experiences orally with a buddy and our classroom.  We also planned for our writing using a few different ways of planning.


Going to my aunty Stacy’s

Museum in Invercargill

Epic Holidays = Best Holiday Ever!

Huge Volcano and Science investigations

My Friend Chloe and her birthday at the pools

Visiting my Papa in Rotorua

Camping at the Beach

Playing the Piano

Holding the fluffy little duckling

Wet n Wild

Climbing Mt Manaia with my Friends

Movies with Mum

Movies with my Dad

Library Adventures Making Robots in Auckland

During the holidays

Happy Happy Holidays

Epic Holiday

Two weeks to relax and chillout

My holidays and my fun adventures in Auckland

A sad time for my family