Have you? Your whanau? Or your class been to check out what is growing in our school garden?











A little bit of science in our environment:

Some noticing

We found silverbeet… do you like silverbeet?  How do you like it cooked?

We found yummy yummy crunchy carrorts, they help us with our eye sight… but they aren’t ready yet.

We found huge green beans! Green for Grow! 

We found rosemary bushes they smelt delightful!

We saw the beautiful green lettuce and fresh white cauliflower.

Some thinking and wondering…

What foods do we have in our school garden?

What foods do we have at home or in our whanau gardens?

What would we like to grow (at home or at school or at the community gardens)?

Do we know if we are allowed kai from our school garden?

Who should we ask about eating our foods from our garden?

Why do we have a school garden?

Who is allowed to eat from the garden? 

How do we pick food respectfully?

Who planted our school garden?

Who weeds our garden?

What insects are helpful in our garden?

What insects are harmful to our garden?