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Tena koutou tena koutou tena koutou katoa

Lana Wolfgram (2)

Term Four is now well underway. Teachers have started writing end-of-year reports. These will be sent home in the last week of term. Remember to keep an eye on the Dates to Remember – there are always lots of events in Term Four.

NZEI, the primary teacher union and the government have failed to come to an agreement about improving teacher salaries and working conditions. During November there will be a week of rolling strikes, with teachers in different areas striking on different days. Northland teachers will strike for one day – Tuesday 13th November.  On that day our school will not be open for instruction. There will be no supervision of children or After School Care. We acknowledge the disruption this causes and we are grateful for the support from parents. On the day there is likely to be a march through town or similar event. Anyone who supports the teachers’ claims for better pay and working conditions will be welcome to join in. We will share further information as it comes to hand.

As the streets around our school are becoming busier we want to provide adult supervision at our crossings before school as well as after school. Teaching staff are very busy with children in the mornings before school, so it is not practical to have them doing these duties. If there are any parents out there who could spare half an hour in the mornings to supervise a crossing between 8.20 and 8:50am, please let us know at the office. It could be for one or two days a week or it could be every day. We would be grateful for the assistance. Please phone the school office on 435 0019.

Ka kite anō
Lana Wolfgram


Principal AwardsPrincipal-Award

Winners of books for the last two weeks were:

Room 3    Phu’o’ng

Room 4    Kaya-Cruz

Caught Being Good

Winners of books for the last two weeks were:  caught being good

Team Kākano:  Taniora, Tareeq and Hemi  Rm 3: Tynan      

Rm 4:  Sophia & August    Rm 5: Bella-Marie      Rm 6: Reikura & Hero

Rm 7: —–   Rm 8:  Taine

Team Kotahitanga:  —–

Rm 9: —–     Rm 10: Brooke     Rm 11: —– Rm 12:  —–

Merit Certificates

Winners  for the last two weeks were:  Merit-List

Team Kākano:  Machado, Anahera x 2 & Beau

Rm 3:  Nevaeh & Khale

Rm 4: Carter & Jadyn

Rm 5: Te Iwa & Kaean      Rm 6:  Lincoln & Levi

Rm 7:  Raiden  Rm 8:  Hunter

Team Kotahitanga:   —–

Rm 9:  —–     Rm 10:  Sophie     Rm 11:   —–

Rm 12:  —–

Ngā Mātāpona Awards 

Team Kākano:  Tizaeya & Jacob

Room 3:  Connor & Shivika

Room 4:  Jimmy & Melaia

Room 5:  Dynalee, Tayla, Izzayah & Mason

Room 6:  Tani x 2, Heeniriria & Zuriel

Room 7:   Tamyra & Kaya

Room 8:   —–

Room 9:  —–

Room 10:  Corey & Juarn

Room 11:  —–

Room 12:  —–

Team Kotahitanga:  —–

Teacher Strike – 13th November

Our school will not be open on Tuesday 13th November. There will be no supervision of chldren and no after school care.

Please ensure you have made alternative arrangements for the care of your child/ren.

Library News


The librarians have been working hard this year to keep our library neat and tidy and running smoothly. They all have a lunchtime duty and are committed to working with all our students, playing and/or teaching games and reading stories.

They have been working hard towards achieving awards and in earning theseawards they have to go the extra mile to learn specific librarian duties.

Congratulations to all our librarians who have contributed and given their time to make the library successful this year.

Bronze Award recipients:  – Arleyah  – Simone   – Keyan  – Te Mana  – Atahua  – Leander  – Ciana  – Jaxon  – Lexus  – Kaden  – Brianna  – Shannon  – Khavell  – Laura  – Lexi  -Shayla  – Kahu  – Tamyra  – Jayantha  – Casey  – Kaya  – Paige  – Nevaeh  – Liam

Silver Award recipients:  –  Jo’e  – Kaden  – Simone  – Te Mana  – Kahu  – Leander  – Brianna  – Ciana  – Jayantha  – Shayla  – Jaxon  – Shannon  – Ataahua

Gold Award recipients:  These 7 librarians will be going to the Council Chambers to visit the Mayor on Wednesday 7th November.  – Jo’e  – Te Mana  – Kaden  – Simone  – Brianna  – Kahu  – Letitia

Advanced Award recipients:  – Letitia  – Jo’e      This award is new to us this year as these two librarians had achieved Gold earlier this year and wanted to work towards their own higher goal.

20181026_095526 (003)

Garden to Table

Term 4 has seen a busy start for the Garden To Table team.

From the Kitchen this week we had a delicious shared kai of Citrus Muffins, Spaghetti Nests and Salad of the Imagination.

From the Garden this week the team were busy watering and weeding our crops as well as planting corn and bean seeds.  The children had a discussion about the crops we have growing at present and what they will be planting in the future, as well as sampling the produce that is ready now.

Potato Fundraiser

If you are interested in growing your own potatoes this year Garden To Table are having a fundraiser.potato

For $20 plus postage and packaging you get:

Your Great Potato Bag Kit contains:

  • One brightly-coloured potato planter bag (30l)
  • 5kg pack of seed potatoes, kindly donated by Tui Garden Products
  • A ‘how to’ guide to growing your potatoes
  • A potato recipe designed especially for Garden to Table by our Ambassador, chef and restauranteur Al Brown

A big shout out to our wonderful kitchen and garden specialists and also our fabulous volunteers we couldn’t run this awesome program without you.  If you or anyone you know would like to help we would welcome you with open arms.

g2tt8 g2tt9 g2tt4 g2tt5 g2tt6

Tuakana Marae Noho ki Matihetihe, Hokianga Gratitude – Ruma 7

I am grateful for the time the parents took to make our camp happen and for the support we had for our camp. – Temiha

When reflecting on our haerenga, I am grateful to the marae and exploring Mitimiti. – Khavell

I was grateful for Whaea Casey suggesting us to go to Mitimiti and sharing her special place. – Jo’e

I am grateful for going to Mitimiti and seeing people from Mitimiti like Charlie Dunn and meeting people from Matihetihe School. – Kairo

There was a lot for us to be grateful.  I am grateful that they invited us to their marae and and to their kura.  I am also grateful for the delicious kai I had – especially the dessert. I am grateful for the cool down and swim.  – Moana

Looking back at our time we visited Mitimiti – I am grateful for the big feast we had at each meal time and for the time we spent enjoying Mitimiti.  – Laura

After our haerenga to Matihetihe, I am grateful for being there and being able to visit their school. – Simone

There were a few things I was grateful for during our noho.  I was grateful for the food they gave us. I was grateful for their kura showing us manaakitanga. Te Aroha, Laura and Simone shared their tent with me and for that I am grateful.  I am grateful for Simone looking out for me when I was sad and had a sore eye. – Nevaeh

I am grateful for learning about the people of Mitimiti, having supportive team members and I was grateful for the kai and how they made it everynight.  – Tamyra

I am very grateful for going to Mitimiti, where my dad’s whanau come from.  I am grateful for the kai, especially the pudding! My favourite was the fluffy cream on top of the chocolate pudding. – Kiani

After our haerenga to Matihetihe I am grateful for the helpers that came with us. We couldn’t have gone without them.  I am also grateful for the kai that was provided because it was scrumptious. – Raiden

I am grateful for Jacob’s dad inviting me to sleep in their tent.  I am grateful that dad paid for me to go on camp. I am grateful we had massive sand dunes to play on and have fun. – Chance

There were heaps of things I was grateful for on our noho: going to Mitimiti, going to Matihetihe kura, the really great magic show on the last night – it was funny and everyone laughed, going to Tane Mahuta, going to have sausages and chips for lunch in Dargaville and coming home again. – Jacob

I am grateful that our school is amazing to go on an experience like this!  Matihetihe School are amazing too. They have nice students and teachers. My favourite part was the beach because the waves crashing is a relaxing sound with the best view ever! – Shannon

After our haerenga to Matihetihe my gratefulness is to my mum and step dad paying for me to go on camp. I am grateful for the delicious kai we filled our tummies with. I am grateful for Laura being my friend and looking after me when I was sad. – Molly

I am thankful for the responsibility to prepare the food for the school, our helpers, the marae and myself – the food was mouth droolingly delicious! – Kotahi

Year Seven Enrolments for 2019

There are still a number of Year Six children who are not yet enrolled in a school for next year. It is very important to get on to this as soon as possible. Staff from Tikipunga High School and Kamo Intermediate School are organising enrolment sessions at our school. Phone the office for more information.

Term Dates 2019

Term 1: 30th January – 12th April  Term 4_18_ProtienKai2

Term 2: 29th April – 5th July

Term 3: 22nd July – 27th September

Term 4: 14th October – 13th December


Water mains replacement – Corks Road

Over the next few weeks Whangarei District Council are installing a new water main on the school side of Corks Road. This work will impact parking, drop-off space and pedestrian access. Please take extra care in this area and in the interests of safety, consider dropping children off by the Wairau Drive entrance.

Dental Recycling


Parent Support Group

Available every day

Please put your Child/ren’s Name, Room Number, their order and the amount of the order in an envelope and place it in the slot at the school office

·       Mince Pie

·       Mince & Cheese Pie

·       Potato Topped Pie

·      Pizza

·      Flavoured Milk






Protein Bars for sale

Please click on the link for information on flavours and pricing.

Orders and payment can be made at the school office.

protein bars

Community Notices


emergencytikiemail advert yr7 2019Junior Surf Intro 2019

Whangarei Academy of Gymnastics – WAGS Holiday Programmes DEC/JAN

December Monday 17th Dec – Friday 21st Dec     January Monday 14th Jan – Friday 25th Jan

Booking essential.  Full day 8.30-4.30 $40 per day                             Half day 8.30-12.30/12.30-4.30 $25.00

Phone: 4376667Email:       Come and join in our gymnastics based programme.

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