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Tena koutou tena koutou tena koutou katoa

Lana Wolfgram (2)

School has been a very busy place lately. It has been great to see so many parents and whanau at school supporting activities and trips. These learning experiences outside the classroom are an important contributing factor in successful educational outcomes for tamariki in our rapidly changing world. Current research suggests that 65% of today’s primary school students will work in jobs that don’t exist yet. Knowledge will be less important than the ability to be innovative, lifelong learners and creative problem-solvers. Physical Education and Education Outside the Classroom also provide excellent opportunities for building confidence, resilience and relationship skills.

Thank you very much to the whanau who have been helping to keep our grounds tidy and welcoming. The Wairau Drive entrance is now much more user-friendly thanks to the Thompson whanau.

Ka kite anō
Lana Wolfgram


Principal AwardsPrincipal-Award

Winners of books for the last few weeks were:

Room 9               Jan

Te Kākano          Kason

Room 6               Honey

Caught Being Good

Winners of books for the last few weeks were:  caught being good

Team Kākano: Kason & Dean    Rm 3: Jayleigh & River-Lee

Rm 4: Suavae    Rm 5: Rakaea & Dynahlee      Rm 6:  Ryan

Rm 9: Valintina, Manaia-Rose & Christina        

Merit Certificates

Winners  for the last few weeks were:  Merit-List

Team Kākano:  Kora-Rae & Sebastian

Rm 3: Jacob & Izealia

Rm 4: Maika & Tynneal

Rm 5: Dynahlee & Anahera       Rm 6: Jakobi & Honey

Rm 9:  Brooke, Axel, Jahlym, Sam, Tayo & Mason

Ngā Mātāpono Awards 

Room 8:  Cruize

Room 9:  James, Oceana, Drake, Meao, Mason, Anthony, Waimarie, Reikura, James & Mana

Teacher Union Meetings – School will finish at 12pm FRIDAY 22nd MARCH

The teacher’s union NZEI are still negotiating with the government to improve teachers’ pay and working conditions. The next round of action will be half-day meetings on Friday the 22nd of March. This means that school will end at 12.00 noon on that day. We will send home a reminder next week and post a message on our Facebook page.

Three-Way Conferences and Reporting to parents

Three-way conferences will be held during Week Nine for parents, caregivers and students from Years 1-6 (not including New Entrants).  Children will finish school at 1.00pm on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th March and conferences will be held during the afternoon and early evening. The purpose of the three-way conference is to provide an opportunity for student, parents and the teacher to sit together and talk about the student’s learning. This approach aligns with our school-wide emphasis on encouraging children to take more ownership of their learning. The focus of these conferences will be learning progress to date and setting goals for the rest of the year.

Booking information will be sent home with the children next Tuesday. Please make sure you complete the booking slips and return them as soon as possible, especially if you wish to book a specific day and/or time. It will be first in, first booked.

Crossing and Parking Issues Reminder

We have noticed that some parents are not using the pedestrian crossings to cross the road with their children. Instead they are cutting across the road a few metres before the crossing.  This sets a poor example for our students. Please use the pedestrian crossing at all times if you need to walk your child across the road.

We also have a number of parents that are parking in the bottom car park before and after school. This is a staff car park and due to the limited parking spaces, parents are requested not to park in this area.

We also ask that you park ONLY in marked parking spaces and do not block/slow the flow of traffic, even if you are only planning to be away from your vehicle for a short time.

Lucky Book Club 

The deadline for orders from Issue 2 is Wednesday 20th March.

2019 Totara Grove Senior Swimming World Championship 

Once again, Term One has been very busy at the school pool. We have had Geoff and Erin from WaterSafe Northland teaching all of our tamariki how to stay safe in the water. As always the teachers have been working hard to provide well-planned and fun swimming programmes for the kids. There have also been teachers volunteering to supervise swimming at lunch breaks. This has been valuable on those very hot days.

The Senior Swimming Sports was a huge hit this year with music and dancing in between races. Rimu were the winning house again this year. Congratulations!

The elite swimmers representing the senior school provided some challenge for the adult relay team. When you have swimming athletes like Jasmine Donnelley, Whaea Yvonne, Whaea Kay, Matua Korrie and Matua Jerry, unfortunately the kids had no chance.

Sadly Mr Kelly was unable to lead the adult team as he has an injury.

Thanks to Whaea Ness, Mrs Fryer, Mrs Irene, Whaea Erin, Whaea Carole, Whaea Yvonne, Whaea Kay and Mr Wolfgram for their efforts in making this a smooth-running event.

Thanks to the whanau and friends of the school for their support which is very important to the kids.

Glen Campbell.

Tikipunga Primary Interschool Swimming Competition

After our senior Swimming Sports on Friday, a team was selected to swim against the best of the Tikipunga Primary School swimmers.

The children swam at the Tikipunga High School pool. This is a large pool and provides a challenge for any swimmer.

The swimming team to challenge Tikipunga Primary were:

Benet, Jaxon, Corey and Kyrin Room 10.

Ataahua, Moama, and Shya Room 11

Tamyra, Molly and Kiani Room 7

Emme, Storm and Diesel Room 12

Totara Grove was very competitive in freestyle and backstroke. This event decided who would swim at the Whangarei Primary Schools Swim Championships representing Zone 11.

Those swimmers are:

Ataahua, Kiani, Moama, Molly, Emme, Benet and Te Moana.

Congratulations to you all.

Bringing Valuables To School

Children are not allowed to bring toys or valuable items to school and if they do, they do so at their own risk. If for any reason a child needs to bring something special, they can hand it into the office in the morning and collect it at the end of the day.

Garden To Table

Our Gardening crew at Totara Grove School would like to say a huge thank you to Daniel Spake and the crew at Waipapa Pine Limited for kindly donating some of the timber we need to build our shade house.  This is really important to us so that we have somewhere we can store all of our planted seeds and young plants until they are big enough to go into the garden.

Your kind support is much appreciated.

Parent Help Urgently Needed

If you have 15-20 minutes free to help us prepare the school lunch orders at 9am on one or more weekdays, the office staff would love to hear from you.

If we do not have any parent volunteers to help with school lunches, WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CONTINUE with this service.

We are also looking for volunteers to work with the students in our Garden to Table programme on Thursdays from 9am to 1pm.

Notice of Road Closure

Okaihau Place has now been closed off with a locked gate as work begins on developing that part of the subdivision. That means there will be no parking area on that side of the school. Children will need to enter school at the Corks Road or Wairau Drive gates. Please take extra care with parking – vehicles parked on yellow lines are a real danger as they block the view for pedestrians. We have staff on duty supervising children crossing on Corks Road, Wairau Drive and the roundabout from 8.30 – 8.55am and 3.00 – 3.15 pm.

Dental Caravan

The dental caravan is now onsite in the school carpark. They will be here until they have completed  examinations and any follow-up work with children enrolled at this school.

The school shares the names, ages and parent contact information with the dental service. Children will automatically be called up for examinations unless records show that parents have chosen to make private arrangements for dental care.

Please call 0800 MY TEETH (69 83384) if you have any concerns.


As we are a Sunsmart school, children are expected to wear brimmed hats when outside in the sun during summer. Each class has a set of hats which are allocated to individuals. Children are allowed to wear their own hat as long as it has a brim all the way around. Baseball-type caps are not allowed.


We also encourage children to bring a water bottle to school which they can refill during the day.

Written school reports will be sent home near the end of Terms Two and Four.

There will be another round of three-way conferences in the second week of Term Three to discuss the written report and to follow up on the goals.

A notice will be sent home closer to the time outlining the process for booking conference appointment times.

After School Care

After School Care is no longer organised by the school, but it will still be held daily in the school hall. Sandra North from Kidzone has taken over the operation. For further information talk to the After School Care staff.

School Newsletters Online

Last year TGS made the change to an online newsletter which is published every 2nd Thursday during term. The newsletter can be found on our website A link is also posted on our Facebook page. If you would like the newsletter to be emailed directly to you and are not already included in our mailing list, please let office staff know your email address. If you do not have internet access, please let us know and we will provide a paper copy for you.

Community Notices