Newsletter LogoThursday 8th August 2019            No. 13

Tena koutou tena koutou tena koutou katoa

It has been great meeting lots of whānau who have been in for three way conferences in the last two days. The tamariki love having their whānau in their classroom, sharing their learning. It makes a positive difference in their progress and achievement – socially, academically and emotionally.

It is very disturbing to hear that a young person in our area was approached on the street on the way to school. In this instance, the girl stood strong and refused to get into the car, but it was a very traumatic experience. The police and community response was very effective and the offender has been dealt with appropriately. Teachers have reminded children about keeping safe on the way to and from school. Please look out for our kids on the streets and try to encourage them to walk in groups, rather than alone.

We are looking forward to next week’s Matariki Festival and are very grateful for the excellent support being offered. We still need more adults to serve food on the class stalls. Please let the teacher or the office know if you are able to help.

Ka kite anō
Lana Wolfgram


Principal AwardsPrincipal-Award

Winners of books for the last two weeks were:

Rm 3      Sinaraa

Rm 4      Tynneal

Kotahitanga    Lincoln

Rm 7    Jodeci

Rm 10    Sam

Caught Being Good

Winners of books for the last two weeks were:  caught being good

Te Kākano: Nikau & Lily      Rm 3:  Izealia & Phu’o’ng

Rm 4:  Jacob & Melaia        Rm 5:  Bella-Marie & Zeke

Rm 6:  Hero & Lennix

Rm 7: Hunter & Corin  Rm 8: Tukaha   Rm 9:  Mila

Rm 10: Arleyah & Liam  Rm 12:  Breeze

Kotahitanga:  Marnu, Oceana, Sophea & Brooklyn

Special Mention Caught Being Good: Noah –  Rm 12

Merit Certificates

Winners for the last two weeks were:  Merit-List

Te Kākano:  Dastan & Jaxon

Rm 3:   River-Lee & Harlem

Rm 4:   Ayva-Lee & Hemi

Rm 5:  Wyatt & Mason   Rm 6:  Adele & Honey

Rm 7:  Hama & Molly     Rm 8: Iona & Tyler

Rm 10: Asher & Jaxon     Rm 11:  Shayla     Rm 12:  Emme

Kotahitanga: Kutana, Zuriel, Keylow & Jatin

Ngā Mātāpono Awards 

Te Kākano: Stephen, Lily, Rob Marley & Dastan

Rm 3: Simeon, Te Mauri, Connor &  Te Ohonga

Rm 4: Jahlee, Te Ararina, Dean & Luke

Rm 5: Emma, Dynahlee, James & Tayla

Rm 6: Beau & Taniora

Rm 7: Akaysha, Kyle, Paige B & Michelle

Rm 8: Natalya, Mahoe, Angel & Shekairis

Rm 10:  Keyan, Jasiah, Brooke & Tevita

Rm 11:  Kopa

Kotahitanga: Isabella, Brooklyn, Tynan & Rush


This is on next Friday the 16th  of August.

Thank you to everyone who has put their name forward to donate goods, cook, or help at the Festival.

If you are able to help and haven’t put your name forward please contact the office as soon as possible.

Notes will come home next week for the parents who have offered to help.

Please help us make this the best Entertainment and Food Festival ever!

Year Six Transition to Intermediate and High School

Transition to their next school is very important for children. It is a big change in their lives and it is exciting and nerve-wracking all at once. It helps to relieve their anxiety if they know well ahead of time which school they will be attending and they can visit the school and visualise themselves there next year.

We have planned transition processes with the two closest schools – Tikipunga High School and Kamo Intermediate School.

The Year Six students have visited Tikipunga High School twice recently, once for their Open Day and once for some Technology lessons.

Enrolments for Tikipunga High School-

Mr Neil Collings will be at our school on 7th and 8th August  1:00-3:00pm.

Mrs Emma Leyland will be here on Tuesday 13th August 8:30am-2:00 pm

Alternatively phone Tikipunga High School on 0800 437 329 for further information.


Students will visit Kamo Intermediate School’s Open Day on Tuesday 13th August 9:30am-12:00 noon

Enrolments for Kamo Intermediate-

Interviews at KIS – 20, 21 or 22 August 8:00am-10:00am

Interviews at our school – 5 September 8:00am-4:30pm

Principal Support Day

This Friday is a nationwide day of action in schools and communities to support principals in their agreement negotiations.   While the teachers have settled on their agreement with the offer of pay parity and salary increases, principals were not offered this.  There was no change to the original offer that was initially rejected. Unfortunately, principals across the country are now facing the situation where teachers in their schools are paid more than they are, without the responsibility.  Many deputy principals will also be paid more than smaller school principals, or only a little less than their own principal. Giving primary principals pay parity for the same size schools as secondary and area school principals is only fair.   However, it will require pressure from communities, parents and others to achieve this. The role of principal will be harder to fill in the future otherwise, especially in smaller schools.

Road Safety

Pedestrian crossing – Just a reminder that if your children walk to school, staff are supervising  the crossings in the mornings from 8:30-8:55am. Please make sure if they are walking that they come to school within these times to be kept safe crossing the busy roads.

School Car park – As we are experiencing wetter weather please be mindful of how you use the car park. Please be considerate of others and don’t park in places that cause a gridlock. There is parking up on the grass behind the swimming pool where you can wait for your children.Thank you for your co-operation.

Reporting student absences

We are now sending daily texts or emails to parents of students who have not advised us why their child/ren are absent that day.

Please advise us of any absences before 9.30am each day by calling the office on 4350019, texting 021 0272 4313 or using the ‘report an absence’ option on our website.

Students and Cellphones

Cell phones should be kept at home, however if they do come to school they must be handed in to the office or to the class teacher for safe keeping.

Bringing Valuables To School

Children are not allowed to bring toys or valuable items to school and if they do, they do so at their own risk. If for any reason a child needs to bring something special, they can hand it into the office in the morning and collect it at the end of the day.

Community Notices

A big Thank You to Donna Maclaine from First National Real Estate for the $100 donation to the school.

First National Real Estate donates $100 to the school nearest to where a house is sold. The house does not have to be sold to a parent.