Wednesday 16 Aug 2023          No. 13


Kia ora koutou, Namaste, Talofa Lava, Konnichiwa, Ni hao, Kia orana, Malo e lelei, Chao, Hallo, Zdravstvuite, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Salam, Suostei, Hola, Annoyong Haseyo, Caio, Nei hou, Suoday, Ni sa Bula, Kamusta, Xin chào, Gutentag, Bonjour

We are looking forward to welcoming everyone to our Whānau Kōrero over the next couple of days. It is always wonderful for us to hear what your goals, thoughts and aspirations are for your children at school and how we can help to support you with this. If you are unable to attend over these two days please contact the office or your child’s teacher to arrange another time. Teachers can learn so much from you all during this kōrero and we really appreciate the opportunity to meet with you.

At our Whānau Kōrero and over the upcoming weeks, we will be consulting with you all about Health Education. This includes the areas of; wellbeing, mental health, sexuality education, food and nutrition, body care and physical safety, physical activity, sport studies, and outdoor education. We would really value your input into our survey and a member of our leadership team will be available in the library throughout our Whānau Kōrero afternoons to answer any questions you may have.

On Friday, we had the privilege of having some wonderful Year 12 Social Psychology and Health students from Kamo High School come to visit our school. I was very impressed with all of these students. They have been completing a project focused on improving oral health in Northland. The students raised money to support their action which included creating dental packs and info sheets to distribute to primary aged school children. This year our Y5 students received the packs and Kamo High School is hoping to increase this each year to include more students. We would like to thank these students and their teacher Cam Payne for thinking of our kura.

Have a great week everyone.
Mauri Ora!

Principal Tumuaki


Caught Being Good

Winners of duffy books for the previous two weeks of last term were:

Rm 2: Nikau

Rm 4: Aeriel

Rm 5: Willow

Rm 7: Artemis

Rm 8: Amanii-Leigh, Naima

Rm 9: Ebel

Rm 10: Brooke, Ryan

Rm 11: Zhavana, Atahua

Rm 13: Chavarntay, Kason

Rm 14: Liam, Kianna, Hati


Ngā Mātāpono Awards

Rm 1: Te Ariki

Rm 2: Syhlas, Jaybe, Lochy

Rm 4: Kaylee, Martin, Daelyn, Ella-Rose, Zane, Troy

Rm 5: Raiden, Tukaha, Riley, Zaira-Rose

Rm 7: Ida, Roman H, Jeevika

Rm 8: Tana, Bunny, Lilly, Dre, Jake, Brandon, Haimona

Rm 9: Bella-Marie, Te Ararina

Rm 10: Khale, Norton-Rex, Ariska, Phu’o’ng, Connor

Rm 11: Jordin, Adison, Christian, Te Mauri, Nikkii

Rm 13: Eruera, Sandy, Braxton, Kace

Rm 13: Tayla, Cameron, Hartley, Dastan, TJ, Storm


Free school lunch programme

Menus and detailed information are published on the lunch by libelle website: (click here).

This week’s lunch menu:


School Board
The date of the next Board of Trustees meeting is 13th September, 6pm.
Whānau korero

Wednesday 16th & Thursday 17th August

A korero with your child’s teacher to talk and plan your goals, dreams and aspirations for your child.

Last minute bookings are still available on the SKOOL LOOP App – book your 15 min time slots ASAP.

Wednesday 16th August, 1pm – 6pm (School finishes at 12.30pm – lunch still provided)
Thursday 17th August, 3:30pm – 6pm. (School will finish at the usual time, 3pm.)

On these days we will be gathering our community voice around Health Education at our kura. A member of the leadership team will be available in the library to answer any questions about health education in our school. There will also be a draw to win a Countdown voucher for all those that help us.

If you are unable to attend one of our whānau korero nights you can still share your thoughts via this link: Health Curriculum Consultation form



Te wiki o te pukapuka – Book week

28th August will be the first day of our school book week celebrations. There will be many fun activities for all ages. It will be a wonderful week to celebrate all things booky!

Here is an outline of what to expect during Book-week:

Monday – Preparation

Tuesday – Story time with a hero

Wednesday – Book character day/Parade

Thursday – Crafts in the library

Friday – Teddy bear booknic

We will also create a ‘book-worm’ in the library, and the children will be able to add a circle to the book-worm every time they finish reading one of the school library books. The goal is to make the book-worm as long as possible!


After school pick up / Drop off zone

A reminder to parents collecting their children from the Okaihau place entrance: Parking across private driveways is an offence, we ask you to please respect our neighbours and be considerate about where you park your car.

We are currently reviewing our school drop off and afterschool collection area. This is an extremely busy and very dynamic space. We are looking at how we can keep the area safe yet flowing.
If you have any thoughts or suggestions please feel free to email the office with your thoughts or comments.
Please keep an eye out in this space for a few reminders and possible changes about the area. In the meantime please keep speed to 5km and keep a careful eye open for all of our tamariki.


School Camp
Camp date for Year 6 students is 15-17 November 2023. Whānau who want to come along as parent helpers must return the required forms to school as soon as possible in order to get them processed in time. Please speak to your child’s teacher for further information if you would like know more.
School photos

Photos will be taken at school tomorrow, Thursday 17th August. Orders need to be completed and paid for by 3pm, Wednesday 16th August. Photo order forms have been sent home with the children, please see the office if you need a new one.

Online ordering payable via credit card or direct credit is available at – or if paying by cash, please return the completed form with the correct money directly to the school office.

Chewing gum

A reminder that Chewing Gum is not allowed at school. We would really appreciate whānau support with this please as we have a lot of students bringing gum to school and sharing it. We have also noticed chewed gum being stuck to walls, furniture and in different places which we would like to stop. Discarded chewing gum can get stuck and be hard to remove from students’ clothes and hair. Thank you for your support.


Health Education

In the upcoming weeks and including on our Whānau Korero afternoons we would like to gather your input and feedback around Health Education at our kura.  Here is a link to our draft Health Education plan that you might like to read first: 

Health Education Plan – Click here

If you are unable to attend one of our whānau korero nights you can still share your thoughts via this link: Health Curriculum Consultation form

There will be a draw to win a Countdown voucher for all those that help us with this request.


Photography Exhibition

We are planning to have a photography exhibition this term. This will be a great opportunity for those students who are interested, to participate in an event where photos will be taken at school and the students best work will be put up on display for judging.

There are 9 categories which include a Teina and Te Kakano section. There is also a staff section! We look forward to seeing lots of amazing entries.

Details about the exhibition will be discussed with the children but if you are curious to find out more, please see your child’s teacher.


Yummy stickers promo

Our school is collecting yummy fruit stickers to qualify for free sports gear.

Please send your yummy stickers and cut out labels in to the office by the end of term 3. One cut out label is worth 10 apple stickers.


Te Manawa Tahi Timetable

If you have a concern about your child’s language development, learning progress, social and emotional wellbeing, or behaviour, TeManawa Tahi have specialists available so you can discuss your concerns directly with them.

This is a free service and each site will be identified by a Te Manawa Tahi flag. Drop into a hub or make an appointment by phoning 0800 5248 4256 or emailing


Upcoming School Events

16th/17th Aug – Whānau korero

17th Aug           – School photos

28 Aug               – Te wiki o Pukapuka

11 – 13th Sep    – Photography Exhibition (new dates)

11 Sep               – Te wiki o Te Reo Maori

13th Sep           – School board meeting, 6pm

19th Oct           – 9.30am NZ Shake out – earthquake drill

15-17th Nov     – Year 6 camp


School Term Dates 2023

Term 1          1st Feb – 6th April

Term 2         24th April – 30th June

Term 3         17th July – 22nd Sep

Term 4         9th October – 14th December


Community Notices

Join us at Totara Grove Playcentre
We are a FREE early childhood centre where you can come with your children to enjoy a great range of indoor and outdoor play-based learning activities as well as a community of friendly & supportive parents.
Feel free to drop in anytime we are open, email us with any questions or find us on Facebook for some photos of what our kids have been up to recently.

Opening Hours: Monday & Wednesday, 9am-12pm during school term time
Address: 38 Corks Road