All children enrolled at a school must, by law, attend the school whenever it is open, unless they are unable to attend due to illness, or special home circumstances. (Education Act 1989.) We expect 90% attendance for all students.

It is very important to send your child to school regularly. Frequent absence severely reduces children’s progress at school.

If your child is absent from school please contact the school by one of the methods below.  Unexplained absences after three days will result in a phone check from school.  Frequent/regular absences and/or lateness will be followed up by a home visit from our Attendance Officer.  If children are not at school before 9.30am or are picked up before 2.50pm they will be marked absent for ½ a day.

Absences can also be reported via the Skool Loop app. If you wish to download this app onto your phone please select from the following.

App Store- Apple

Google Play App Store


Phone:  435 0019
Text:021 02724313




Should a child become ill during school hours either you or an approved contact will be notified. 

If you intend to withdraw your child(ren) from the school, please inform the school as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made to assist the child’s transfer to another school.