Holiday Homework

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Now watch us whip…

We all have fun in Room 9! This is just one way we all enjoy ourselves in Room 9 :)

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Kiwi Moon

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Kiwiana Pillows

Check out Room 13s Kiwiana Pillows.  Whaea Rose started these with Room 13 children in Term Two and finished them off in time for the art exhibition.  They had to design a pillow case that was [...]

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Duffy Assembly

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Fun Run / Cross Country

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Takeaways with Jen

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Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

Room 10 Wrote some beautiful poems with Whaea Melissa.  Check them out.              

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Healthy Eating Goal Setting with Jen and Friends

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Welcome to Room 7

Kia Ora Whanau Room 7 is a mixed year 3 and 4 class. We like to learn as a class and individuals. Some of our favourite learning at school are amazing Math, curious Science, wonderful [...]

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