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Welcome to Room 7

Kia Ora Whanau Room 7 is a mixed year 3 and 4 class. We like to learn as a class and individuals. Some of our favourite learning at school are amazing Math, curious Science, wonderful [...]

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Healthy Living Goal

Whaea Jen visited Room 7 to discuss goal setting. First the children brainstormed what we need to keep us healthy. Whaea Deanne has recorded our brainstorm and has it up in Room 7. After our [...]

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Room 7 published stories

Room 7 is excited to share some of there awesome inventive story writing from their published stories so far this year.                    

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Pyjama Day in our class

Today nearly all of our class came to school in their pyjamas! Don't we look great!!  

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We made Candles!

We all made our own beeswax candles inspired by our scientific candle experiement earlier in the term.

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Dajahzaiah went to horseriding

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Hockey with Jen

Luckily the weather was nice today and we were able to enjoy our time with Jen. We learnt dribbling skills, stopping the ball and how to pass correctly. What a great way to end a [...]

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Making Gigantic Bubbles

Our mouths hung open as we all gazed at the enormous gynormous shimmering bubbles that floated above us in the deep blue sky. We made these bubbles from a secret scientific recipe from Mrs Lewis! [...]

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Duffy Books

Every term we are very fortunate to receive Duffy Books from our sponsor Mrs Horrobin. We enjoyed reading our new books to our Room 1 buddy class today. It was beautiful weather today we thought [...]

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We Love Science

This term one of our learning focuses is on Science. We are all loving our weekly science experiment. This week we experimented with fire to see what it needs to burn and what affects how [...]

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