2015 School Magazine

Don't miss out on your copy of the Totara Grove 2015 School Magazine. Orders can be made at the school office or by completing the order form in our Monday 14 December newsletter. Orders need [...]

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Our Tupu Tahi Team in the Garden


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Golden Librarian Award Ceremony.

Congratulations to our fabulous Librarians who have worked hard this year to complete their library training.  Mrs Jennings and I appreciate all the hard work and commitment you show to making our library a wonderful [...]

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Promoting Kiwi Towns in Room 10

We have been researching kiwi towns.  First we designed our own brochures on paper, then we learnt how to make IMovies and turned our brochures into promotional videos. [...]

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Fun Run / Cross Country

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Choir 2015

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Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

Room 10 Wrote some beautiful poems with Whaea Melissa.  Check them out.              

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Congratulations Brodie

Brodie has completed his Gold Certificate Librarian award.   To gain this award Brodie has to have gained a good understanding of how a library runs and he has helped run events in the library.  Brodie [...]

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Welcome to Room 14

Ki ora to friends and whanau. This has been a fantastic year so far. Please check on our blog and leave comments. We will be posting updates now we know how. Glen and the kids [...]

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Money Week – 31st August to 6th September

Money week is a great opportunity to discuss with your whanau their understanding and beliefs around money. We have a display in the library that asks some leading questions for you to think about and [...]

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