8 March 2022

School update- 08/03/22

Information for our whānau and hāpori (community) about school life under the COVID-19 PREVENTION FRAMEWORK (CPF) for RED & Phase 3.

Please refer to the below graphics to help in form you of what to do, if you are a positive covid case or have a positive covid case in your household.

Mauri Ora,
Te Kura o Tōtara Grove

























22 February 2022

Totara Grove School Covid-19 Plan
Covid-19 Flowchart link







Ministry of Health link 

Ministry Of Education link 

Talking with Children about Covid-19


8 December 2021

Message from the Board

2021 comes to an end – another challenging year with the uncertainties and changes brought by the ongoing COVID19 situation. Fortunately our team of teachers have been resilient and adaptable, and have done an amazing job of carrying on our programme of learning and helping our tamariki achieve their potential. Our especial thanks go to our leadership team, and our outstanding Acting Principal Donna Walker, who has managed the school with great skill.

For the first term of 2022 Donna is taking a break. Whaea Ness will be our Acting Principal, supported by Whaea Pam. We look forward to a positive year building on our school values, and hopefully a more settled year of learning.

Nga Manaakitanga

Totara Grove Board of Trustees


7 September 2021 (4:15)

Kia ora whanau

You’ll be aware that all of New Zealand (with the exception of Auckland) is moving to Alert Level 2 from midnight tonight. Our thoughts and positive wishes are with everyone in Tāmaki Makaurau | Auckland.

Extensive wastewater testing and the numbers of people getting tested across the country has given the Government confidence that it is safe to allow a shift down to Alert Level 2 across most of New Zealand.

We are really looking forward to welcoming everyone back onsite on Thursday morning. Tomorrow (Wednesday) we will be continuing to support the ākonga who have been onsite at Alert Level 3 while we prepare for re-opening to all on Thursday. 

At Alert Level 2 there is low risk of community transmission and it provides us with a lot more opportunities to engage and connect with others. However, there are still a number of public health requirements we all need to follow. Please do continue to monitor your health and do not send your children to school if they are not well (and please seek advice about getting a COVID test).

For us, all the required safety precautions for Alert Level 2 will be in place which include following all the recommendations from the public health experts. This means we will regularly clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces, encourage everyone to frequently wash their hands and cough and sneeze into their elbow.

While physical distancing is not a requirement in schools, we will be doing our best to keep students from congregating in very large numbers and keeping spaces well-ventilated.

Face coverings are not required to be worn in school. The Director General of Health has recommended that children 12 years+ wear a face covering at school – just as older children are required to wear face coverings in some other places.  The decision to wear a face covering is up to you and your whānau, whatever your decision it will be respected.

 If you are not sure what all the rules are for alert level 2 when you are out and about, then the following information may be useful to you:

Please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s kaiako or me if there is something you need assistance with. See you Thursday!

 Ngā mihi

TGS staff and BOT


6 September 2021 (7:00pm)

Kia ora Whanau

Thank you for the amazing job you are doing learning from home. We love seeing pictures of the tamariki with their baking, writing, maths problems etc. We miss seeing them each day so appreciate you taking the time to share photos or letting them attend Google meets with their class.

No doubt that you will have heard the Government’s decision this afternoon that New Zealand, beyond the northern and southern boundaries of Auckland, is moving to Alert Level 2 commencing from 11:59pm Tuesday 7 September. 

Staff will be taking Wednesday to get ready to welcome all students back to school on Thursday 9th September.

We look forward to seeing everyone on the 9th 🙂

Stay safe

TGS staff and BOT



2 September 2021 (2:15pm)

Kia ora whanau

As you heard on the announcement today, Northland moves to Alert Level 3 at 11:59pm tonight.

Schools are essentially closed at Alert Level 3 with the exception of those few children whose parents and carers must go to work at Alert Level 3, and there is no caregiver available.

(Remember bubbles can be extended to include other family members.)

We will be taking Friday to get the recommendations in place for the children who will be returning to school so we will not be having children on site that day.

The small number of children who need to attend will start on  MONDAY 6th September. 

School will be open from 8:30am for drop offs and close at 3:00pm for pick ups. There is no after school care available.

You will need to drop your child at school via the staff car park so that we can make sure they are well as they enter the school grounds, any child who is unwell must stay home.

A teacher will meet the child at the office and take them to their bubble while they are at school and then walk them out at the end of the day. Parents will remain in their car please and not come onsite.


We thank you for your support and assistance around Alert Level 3 and only sending those children who need to be at school as we need to make sure not only that it is safe for whanau bubbles but that the staff bubbles remain safe also.


TGS Staff and BOT


1 September 2021 (12:30pm)

Kia ora whanau

At Alert Level 3, you legally must stay within your household bubble unless for essential personal movement including going to work and going to school. As the Prime Minister states, schools are essentially closed at Alert Level 3 with the exception of those few children whose parents and carers must go to work at Alert Level 3, and there is no appropriate caregiver at home.

So we will be open for a small number of children who need to attend on MONDAY 6th September (we will be taking Friday to get the recommendations in place for the children who will be returning to school so we will not be having children on site that day)

As you imagine it will not be school as we know it under Alert Level 2 or 1.  All our usual safety precautions for Alert Level 3 will be in place which include following all the recommendations from the public health experts. This means we will regularly clean and disinfect high touch surfaces, encourage everyone to frequently wash their hands and cover their coughs and sneezes, and keep everyone physically distanced from others as much as possible (1 metre inside and two metres outside). We will also keep school bubbles to no more than 10 students. These bubbles will not mix with other bubbles.

Water fountains are not to be used so children must bring their own drink bottle.

During break times they will remain in their bubbles and cannot interact with children in another bubble. They cannot use communal play or sports equipment. If your child is sick they must stay at home.

Our contact tracing systems will be in place, which includes our attendance register and visitor register, and we will be limiting staff onsite with the majority of our team working from home.

We will continue to support all children who remain learning from home, through our distance learning programme.

While we know how difficult it is trying to work from home as well as support your child’s learning, please keep your child at home if there is an appropriate carer available. For those of you with no other option, we will look forward to seeing your child at school.


Ngā mihi

TGS Staff and BOT


30 August 2021 (5:00pm)

Kia ora whanau

Just an update

Northland may move to Alert Level 3 at 11:59pm this Thursday  (September 2nd) dependent on testing results.


Stay safe

TGS Staff and BOT


27 August 2021

Kia ora whanau


I would like to get an indication of the number of students who may return to school in level 3.


Just a reminder about the guidelines at level 3:

Where possible children should remain learning from home. Distance learning  is provided for all students who are off-site.

For those children at school, they will be grouped in ‘bubbles’.

Hand sanitising will be done regularly.

Physical distancing  of one metre inside and two metres outside rules apply.


Can you please contact your child/children’s teacher if they will be returning to school during level 3 as this will help with our planning requirements.


Stay safe 

TGS Staff and BOT


23 August 2021 (9:00pm)

Kia ora whanau

I am sure you have caught up with the 4 pm news announcement. The Alert Level will be reviewed on Friday afternoon, but for now Alert Level 4 will remain in place until 12:59pm Friday 27 August.

We thank you for the work you are doing at home with your whanau.

We have heard lots of comments or had pictures shared of cooking, nail salons, bike riding, walking, science experiments, scootering, online learning – it has been delightful to hear the ways you are managing during lockdown.

We hope that we can see you all again soon and share more about what you have been doing at home.

Stay safe

TGS staff and BOT


23 August 2021 (9:00am)

Kia ora whanau

A big thank you for taking the lockdown seriously and doing what we have been asked – we’ve seen before that staying at home will break the chain of transmission and save lives. It is even more important that we all follow the health advice because the Delta variant is very contagious.

Breaking the rules risks the health of those close to you, the wider community and could result in the lock down period being extended.

Please remember that the school, playground and school grounds remain closed at Alert Level 4.

As always, please let us know if there is anything you need to support you and your tamariki during this time.

Nga mihi

Donna Walker

Acting Principal


21 August 2021

Services and Support contact card

It’s OK to ask for help. As we work through this together, there are people and agencies able to support you. Here’s a range of advice, help, or support if you need it. If you don’t speak English, you can ask for an interpreter when calling most government departments.

Covid19 Services and Support contact card  (click on this link)





20 August 2021

Kia ora whanau

As you would have heard, New Zealand will remain in Level 4 until Tuesday at 11.59.

We are set up to be able to support you with learning.


We have online options available :


Or our school website for more options




Middle and Senior classes have Google classrooms they have set up for their students. These will go live on Monday.


Juniors classes have Facebook pages which parents can access

Whaea Laura- Te Kakano: Te Kakano Totara Grove

Whaea Pam- Room 3: Ruma Toru Home Learning

Whaea Renie- Room 4: Totara Grove Ruma Wha

Mr Kelly- Room 5: Ruma Rima Totara Grove

Whaea Olivia- Room 6: Totara Grove Ruma Ono


We have school created home learning packs that will be delivered on Monday for those who we are aware of with no device. 


Stay home stay safe

Totara Grove staff and BOT




18 May 2020

Welcome back

Kia ora whanau

Firstly thank you and we applaud you for your work as your child’s teacher over the past few weeks.

It was lovely to see so many smiley faces coming into the school grounds today. The children were keen to catch up with their teacher and friends just as the teaching staff were keen to reconnect with the children.

The children appear to be handling the level 2 procedures in place well.

With the children not being able to access the drinking fountains at present, it may be a good idea to bring a named drink bottle.

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding as we navigate through level 2 and beyond together.

Kia kaha

Totara Grove School Staff and BOT





23 March 2020

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement today we need to inform you that school will be closed from tomorrow Tuesday 24th March until further notice.

Tomorrow school will open for essential service workers children to allow them to make necessary arrangement for their ongoing care. 

School will be closed entirely as of Wednesday 25th March.

Nga mihi

Donna Walker

Acting Principal







20 March 2020

Kia ora whanau

We understand there is a lot of concern around COVID19. We are following the  best advice from the Ministry of Education and the DHB and this is updated daily.

So far all the cases have been from people travelling overseas. It has NOT been through social transmission.

Here is the latest information from these updates:

Reminder – schools remain open

At this stage, we are not expecting widespread school closures. We are planning for temporary closures, as is happening at Logan Park School in Dunedin but as the World Health Organisation has confirmed, the risk to children remains low and parents should continue to send their kids to schools and early learning centres.

Consequently any decisions about school closures will be made on a case by case basis. In the meantime, unless students are unwell themselves, then parents should keep sending them to schools and early learning centres as these environments continue to be safe and the best place for them to continue their learning.

We would like to share with you what will happen if we were to have a case in our school community. We have been planning for this and are in a position to respond quickly.

  • As soon as a case is confirmed in our immediate school community (eg. a student, staff member, or member of their household), the Medical Officer of Health and Ministry of Education will inform me about this, and we will work together to get quick and clear messaging out to you.
  • If there was a case confirmed of someone in our school, we will likely be asked to close temporarily by the Medical Officer of Health. This will allow time for close contacts to be traced, appropriate testing to be undertaken, and a careful clean of the school to be undertaken.
  •  If our school does need to close temporarily, we have a plan in place to support student’s learning.


We know COVID-19 feels scary and of course people are concerned for the wellbeing of our children. Please be assured that with no case confirmed in our school, your children are safe here.

  • Good hygiene is a priority at our school, and we are reinforcing this regularly with all students and staff. We know that practicing good hygiene is still the best thing we can all do to prevent illness.
  • We are getting the most up to date advice and guidance so that we can confidently make informed decisions about the safety and wellbeing of our school community.   

Up-to-date information and advice

A reminder that information and advice for students, whānau and the education sector is available here

While the website is being regularly updated with education-related content, the Ministry of Health is the Government agency leading the response to COVID-19

The Secretary for Education joined the Director-General of Health for the Ministry of Health’s COVID 19 update today. You can view that, and all Ministry of Health updates here.


Ngā mihi

Totara Grove BOT and Staff