Maths, Science, Computing & Creative Thinking
Thinker’s Keys for Kids- Learning Packs

Thinkers_Keys-Learning Packs

For the development of innovative and creative thinking

Interactive games for all primary levels
BeeBot App (Apple devices)

Practice computing/coding
CBeebies – Numberblocks songs on youtube

Counting and number skills for younger children
Explorify for Science

Ideas for online and offline science activities, Age 5-11. Free. Requires registration with email
ICT Games – for Literacy and Maths

Age 5-11
Prodigy Maths Game

Very fun adventure game, similar format to Pokemon, children must answer Maths questions to progress. All primary ages. Younger children will need help to register and get started.
The Kids Should See This

Videos on various subjects for exploration and discussion.


Heihei Kitchen Science

Videos of fun home science experiments. May be more interesting for Juniors as the scientific explanations are simple.

Computer coding games. Age 5+. Free access to premium content during school closures. Fun!
Online Maths activities. A teacher-controlled remote platform. 60 days free. Also available for parents to use at home – only 1 week free trial for parents.


Sunshine Classics

Teachers need to register their classes and provide kids with user name and password.

help videos

You use your school email as  Username: ………
Password: usual laptop login : i.e jennyb

Reading Eggs

Free for 30 days. Reading games and activities age 2-13.
Storyline Online


Science, Tech, Social Sciences etc,

Exploring and answering questions children might have about the world around them.

Articles about these subjects for children to read. There is a reader function for children who can’t read themselves, which reads the articles aloud for them. Otherwise probably Year 3+

Oxford Owl

Free resources to support learning at home

Advice and support for parents

Educational activities and games

Free eBook library for 3- to 11-year-olds

Requires registration (free, parents can do)

Vooks – Storybooks brought to life
A kid-safe, ad-free streaming library of read-aloud animated storybooks.

First month free. Paid thereafter.

Scholastic – Books and Classroom Magazines

Resources set up for remote learning in response to current crisis.

Daily Video, book and linked activity.  All primary levels. Free. no registration



Mindfulness and Keeping Active
Smiling Mind

Short audio sessions to help with mindfulness. Managing stress and anxiety in response to the crisis.
The Body Coach

Youtube channel. A British teacher/PT has made videos on fitness that can be done in the classroom. They range from 5 to 10 minutes of simple exercises that don’t require much room.
Go Noodle

Also on YouTube.

Thousands of ‘brainercise’, dancing, strength and mindfulness videos
BBC Supermovers

Interactive videos to support Juniors (KS1) and Seniors (KS2) – Maths, Literacy, Social Sciences/Health (PSHE) and PE learning. Good for times tables, and videos that are just for fun.
Kiwi Kids News

Local and world news. Staying connected with current events


Online platforms offering remote learning and support/resources
Resources free for teachers and parents to download and print – all curriculum areas

Free platform – very useful for sharing learning.

★ Student portfolios

★ Formative insights

★ Family communication


Install app on any device.

Class Dojo


Remote learning guide for teachers

Remote learning assistance seems to be mainly through the messaging/communications functions.

Share files on Class Story, giving students access to their workbook and worksheets you would normally share in class. Teach virtually by sharing videos of your lessons on Class Story, and assign Activities to keep students practicing skills they would be learning in class.

Online Maths activities. A teacher-controlled remote platform. 60 days free. Also available for parents to use at home – only 1 week free trial for parents.


Other learning areas and miscellaneous websites

Games and activities linked to cartoons. For younger children.

Supports various subject areas including Te Reo and Māori culture. Videos, games, audiobooks
Art for Kids Hub – Youtube channel

Guided drawing