Our vision : Tupu Tahi – Growing Together Standing Strong Reaching High

Students leaving our school will be confident, resilient, intelligent leaders and contributors to society who are achieving their potential academically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

At Totara Grove School the New Zealand Curriculum (2007) provides the framework for teaching and learning. The NZC vision for students to be “confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners” and the principles of “ High Expectations: Treaty of Waitangi; Cultural Diversity; Inclusion; Learning to Learn; Community Engagement; Coherence and Future Focus” underpin and complement our school vision and Ngᾱ Mᾱtᾱpono.

The NZC and Ngᾱ Mᾱtᾱpono sets the direction to design and implement teaching and learning programmes that are relevant and authentic, meeting the needs and interests of the students in our school.

Within the curriculum there are eight learning areas-   and five key competencies-

• English                                                                                                   • Thinking
• Mathematics                                                                                        • Using language, symbols and texts
• The Arts                                                                                                 • Managing Self
• Science                                                                                                  • Relating to Others
• Social Sciences                                                                                     • Participating and contributing
• Health and Physical Education
• Learning Languages
• Technology

Totara Grove School guiding principles – Ngᾱ Mᾱtᾱpono were developed in consultation with the staff, students, whanau and the wider community. These values and principles underpin the school strategic plan over the next three years.

With a strong emphasis on raising student achievement in literacy and numeracy, the essential learning areas and the key competencies will be covered within an integrated curriculum in accordance with NZC and Ngᾱ Mᾱtᾱpono.


School Values:

Whanaungatanga,  Manaakitanga,  Ako, Tῡ Rangatira.

Students and staff at Totara Grove School are expected to demonstrate attitudes, behaviour and competencies that reflect the values and guiding principles of the school – Ngᾱ Mᾱtᾱpono.

Staff and whanau have high expectations of student success and citizenship.  Adults model the school and New Zealand Curriculum Values through their interactions with each other and with pupils.  Students are expected to take responsibility for their own behaviour and behave in a safe way demonstrating whanaungatanga and manaakitanga. These principles are explored in-depth as an integral part of teaching and learning.

Twice a year students and teachers reflect on their attitudes and behaviours and evaluate how consistently they demonstrate the desired behaviours listed below. These are included in written reports to parents.

Supports and encourages others.
Respects other people and the environment.
Shows empathy.

Participates positively in school activities.
Works and plays co-operatively with others.
Confidently participates in tuakana-teina relationships.
Takes risks in learning.
Strives for excellence.

Tῡ Rangatira
Demonstrates leadership skills.
Makes responsible choices.
Takes ownership of their own learning & behaviour.

Acknowledges own and others’ cultural identities.
Helps others willingly.
Considers the rights and feelings of others.