This is available at the school from 3pm to 5.30pm and is operated by Sandra North and Kidzone. For further information, please visit or call Sandra on 021 249 3308 or 435 3342.



All children enrolled at a school must, by law, attend the school whenever it is open, unless they are unable to attend due to illness, or special home circumstances. (Education Act 1989.) We expect 90% attendance for all students.

It is very important to send your child to school regularly. Frequent absence severely reduces children’s progress at school.

If your child is absent from school please contact the school by one of the methods below.  Unexplained absences after three days will result in a phone check from school.  Frequent/regular absences and/or lateness will be followed up by a home visit from our Attendance Officer.  If children are not at school before 9.30am or are picked up before 2.50pm they will be marked absent for ½ a day.

Absences can also be reported via the Skool Loop app. If you wish to download this app onto your phone please select from the following.

App Store- Apple

Google Play App Store


Phone:   435 0019
Text: 021 02724313




Should a child become ill during school hours either you or an approved contact will be notified. 

If you intend to withdraw your child(ren) from the school, please inform the school as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made to assist the child’s transfer to another school.



We offer breakfast five days a week from 7:45 – 8:30am. Parent and staff volunteers prepare the food during this time.  We always need more helpers.  Please inform the office if you can help.



Children will only be released from school during school hours when a parent/caregiver signs them out from the school office.

This is necessary for the protection and security of your children.  



Parents are invited to make individual contact with your child’s teacher at any time through the year should you so wish.  We request  that if you want an in depth interview, please make an appointment so that you can be given quality time.  

Written reports are sent home at the end of Terms two and four however parents can access their child/childrens learning via the @school app ( Three way conferences are held at the beginning of Term one and at the end of Term two.



– Parents/Caregivers are encouraged to discuss any concerns that they may have about aspects of their child’s learning or the school generally with teachers and/or the Principal.
– The BOT is committed to resolving these concerns at the lowest possible level.
– It is expected therefore that classroom concerns be raised with the teacher involved.
– Concerns that are more general are to be discussed with the Principal.
– In both these cases concerns should be discussed by way of an appointment.

– If concerns are not resolved with the teacher concerned the matter should be discussed with the Principal.
– Where concerns are not resolved with teachers and/or the Principal these concerns should be put in writing and addressed to the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees. The Chairperson will acknowledge receipt of the complaint, prior to it being investigated usually within seven days.
– Complaints will be dealt with by the BOT as a whole who, if necessary will appoint a committee to investigate the complaint. Conflict of interest will determine where appropriate (e.g. where trustees have complaints as parents or where the complaint involved the action of trustees). In these circumstances normal complaint procedures apply i.e. the trustee may be excluded from decision making due to conflict of interest.
– The BOT will come to a resolution as to how to respond to the complaint.
– The BOT will make a decision prior to this whether to deal with the matter “in committee”.
– Person(s) making the complaint will have the opportunity to speak to their complaint at a BOT meeting.
– The B.O.T.’s response to the complaint will be communicated to the parties involved in writing.

The BOT recognises that not all those making complaints will be satisfied with the outcome of the complaint. The Board may give the complaint one further consideration at the request of person(s) making the complaint. This will normally only apply if the Board is presented with new information about the complaint. If the Board is satisfied with the outcome of the complaint it will enter into no further discussion/correspondence.



Our students receive checks and treatment cyclically when the Mobile Dental Caravan is onsite.  Please phone the school office for assistance outside this time or ring  0800 698 3384 (0800 MY TEETH).



School wide evacuation practices happen once per term for fire and once per term for earthquakes.  In the case of an emergency, for example, fire, flood, earthquake, armed offender alert, children will be held at school until they can be safely evacuated to a safe place or until a parent or caregiver is able to pick them up.



Please contact the school office to arrange an enrolment appointment. .  Birth Certificates are required upon enrolment.  A child cannot start school until a birth certificate has been sighted.  New Entrant children are encouraged to enrol three weeks before their birthday so that they can have pre-entry visits between 9.00am and 1.00pm.  Children enrolling from another school need to have their birth certificates.  They will start school the day following enrolment.



From 1 March 2013 our school has adopted an enrolment scheme.  This means children from outside our designated zone may have to participate in a ballot for enrolment based on set priorities, or if there are no places at a particular year level, then they may not be able to enrol.  For details on the zone and priorities please contact Totara Grove School.



We have joined the Ministry of Education funding scheme to meet the basic school requirements.  This means that we no longer request a voluntary family donation.



When students are travelling outside the school your permission is required.  We will require a one-off signature from you giving permission for any day event through the year.  For overnight trips seperate permission will be sought.



We are unable to check children’s hair at school. We do have product here at school which we can send home with the children. Please contact the office if you require any of this.



Totara Grove School is a signatory to Health Promoting Schools and Fruit in Schools schemes.  We endeavour to put in place practices that provide good health, e.g. lunches, water in classrooms, sun smart.



All children are required to have an internet/computer use agreement signed by their parent/caregiver.  This is to ensure the correct use of these facilities and tools.  We also ask that children have a media release agreement signed by their parent/caregiver.  This allows for the publication of their name, photograph or other identifying information  in hard copy and digital formats.



This is a problem particularly with the large amount of clothing that builds up.  It is important for parents to check that children have their gear.  Lost property is  displayed outside the school office every Friday. PLEASE CHECK IT!  Periodically it will be given to a charity.



All lunches are provided by the school however if you would like to provide your child’s own lunch please feel free to do so. Children are responsible for bringing their own morning tea.

Please advise the office of any dietary needs or requests. 



Newsletters are no longer sent home with the eldest child.  If you wish to have a paper copy sent home or have one emailed to you, please let the office know.  However newsletters will be on our website or on our Skool Loop app.



The school is a Smoke-free zone. There is no smoking/vaping anywhere within the grounds.



We have an open door policy and would like to think that you feel welcome at school at any time for a chat and a visit. You must sign in at the office if visiting during school hours. If you have a concern please make an appointment to see your child’s class teacher.  However, this should be before or after school and not be in class learning time.  The Principal is also available to talk to.  Early intervention can usually alleviate issues quickly.



Our school has a drop off zone which is our preferred area for you to drop off and pick up your child. The drop off zone is located in Okaihau Place which is off Wairau Road (just past The Totara Cafe.)

A bell goes at 2:55pm for children to assemble at the end of day collection points.  Please ensure that your tamariki knows which point to meet at so they can be walked out to meet you.

Collection Points:
After School Care – Hall
Bottom crossing – Wairau Rd crossing/bottom of Corks Rd crossing – Te Kakano deck 
Drop off zone pick up – Kotahitanga deck 
Top crossing – Corks Rd – Stage 

Teachers will remain with the children until the bell goes at 3pm then there will be a walking bus to the appropriate crossing.

Drop off zone rules:
The Angled spaces – These are NOT a parking space – Drivers MUST remain in their cars at all times and wait for their children to come to them.
Children must wait on the deck with their siblings until they see their car and the teachers let them go.

The Corks Rd Carpark is for staff only and will be chained at 9:30 am until 3:30pm.



Nga Matapono is the basis of our positive approach to behaviour management. These also reflect the Key Competencies of the New Zealand Curriculum. They identify guidelines for acceptable behaviour for students in order to provide a safe physical and emotional environment for everyone. There is a discipline plan which is put into action when necessary.



School begins  9:00am
Interval   11:00am – 11:40am
Lunch  1:00pm – 1:40 pm
School ends 3:00pm


Children are not expected at school until 8.15am.  They may only enter their classrooms when the teacher is there.  Parents/Caregivers should meet with teachers outside of these hours. Children who are late must report to the office on arrival.

Parents picking up children after school will stay outside the classroom until children are dismissed.



We have joined the Ministry of Education funding scheme to meet basic school requirements.  This means that we will provide the stationery our students require free of charge.



We operate a “sunsmart” policy at our school.  We require all children to wear hats in Term 1 & 4. These are provided free by the school or you may provide your own bucket type hat (no baseball caps). If they do not have their hats, children are required to play in the shade.  We encourage all parents to provide SPF30+ broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen in children’s bags during the summer months.  If children are allergic to any sunscreens the school needs to be informed as we will be applying sunscreen to children.



There are a number of people available to support students, teachers and families in various ways who are attached to the school.  The Public Health Nurse (PHN), the Social Worker in Schools (SWIS) and the Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour (RTLB).  Please ask at school if you wish to make contact with any of the above.

We also have our own Special Education Needs Coordinator and Learning Support Coordinator. A SENCO/LSC is a teacher who is responsible for special educational needs at school and works with other teachers and parents to make sure that students with special educational needs get the right support and help they need at school.



Swimming during summer months is compulsory for all students.  Togs and towel are required.  Bathing caps are compulsory and can be purchased from the school office.



Parents, Caregivers and all other visitors coming into school between 9.00am and 3.00pm must report to the office first and sign the visitors book.